A fandom space of my own

After leaving LJ, I never really set up shop on DW, and I sincerely missed the social side of fandom, since AO3 (my main source of fandom content for several years) isn’t really set up for it. Then I joined Tumblr, and while the site is a hell hole, I got kind of used to it – until the big policy change in December made it pretty clear to a lot of people that fandom needs other spaces, safe spaces, that aren’t arbitrarily controlled by big companies.

So now I’m trying out new things, like Pillowfort, Mastodon (fandom.ink) and Hubzilla (where there’s a concerted effort by several fans on fandom.stopthatimp.net to create something that works for us), as well as getting back into Dreamwidth. However, I’ve always liked having one place to go, and while for the time being at least, that’s simply not feasible, unless I want to lose connections I value (because there hasn’t been one big migration to a single site but rather a dispersal, with many still sticking around Tumblr), I can at least try to have somewhere where I can keep track of what I post to the different sites.

Not sure yet whether I can make it work, because I’m by no means a techie. All I can do is see what other people have set up.

Right now, shirasade.net/me can

I haven’t found a way to connect to Hubzilla or get comments from Dreamwidth and Peertube (although the latter would be more useful for my fic archive, where I back up my vids).

Also, I installed ActivityPub but have no idea how people are supposed to find or follow me. And there’s things like ActivityStream and IndieWeb that sound interesting but where I also haven’t been able to figure out how to make them work.

I don’t know, maybe this is way above my skill level, but I want to try… I enjoy having projects like that and have already spent several hours on it today. 🙂

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