More Guardian – and fic!

Not Guardian fic, though, I wouldn’t dare quite yet. 🙂

However, with the help of (which is currently down for me) I’ve written at least a couple hundred words each day, enabling me to finish the next chapter of my Jalec vampire academy!AU: Prince & Guardian – Chapter 3

And then of course there’s Guardian. I’ve reached episode 12, and somehow the show just keeps getting slashier and slashier. I honestly can’t with these two!

Copying my squee for episodes 9-12 over from Masto, which originally directed at asya (SPOILER warning):

Episode 9

And in today’s #guardian squee: first Zhao used Shen as a pillow *again*, then he gives him his jacket. Not sure my heart can take this! 🙂

Episode 11

they’re killing me, serously. i’m at ep 11 now, and i loved the team-up of zhao with the bce. what can i say, i have a thing for shen being all badass! 🙂 also, when he talks about love not being separated by death… my heart!

zhao taking care of shen after he passes out and remembering their first meeting. and then smelling his jacket (and getting a whiff of monster, but he just generally wanted to smell him, dear god). kill me now.
excuse me while i’m going to rewind this scene. (also, hong narrowing her eyes when she sees him carrying shen inside… at least that’s how i assume zhao gets shen to bed.)

Episode 12

that scene in the lab, shen catching zhao and then using his powers to protect him without even hesitating…

seriously, zhao almost kissed shen during that test. “you had something on your face, i was just blowing it away” – omg, zhao, do you even hear yourself? also, i very much appreciate shen in the black undershirt – and i’m sure zhao does, too. 🙂

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