Your Daily Guardian Update (now with added fic!)

I “only” watched three episodes today (13-15) – but what episodes! I honestly thought I’d die at times, they were so glorious (and unbelievable). *g*

And in between I sat down and drabbled, because that’s what happens when a ship eats my brain. It’s only 250 words, I’m not confident to write a full-length fic in this fandom (yet), and only spoils the very first episode a little bit.

Caught in Between (for asya, because it’s mostly her fault *g*)

And now for posterity, my live squee into Masto, under a spoiler cut:

Episode 13

yes, it’s that time again… 🙂 omg, this episode. just. my heart seriously can’t take it. shen in the middle of that wedding. zhao’s sense of betrayal.

aaaah! purple-haired dude using zhao as leverage… but the magical whirlaround was pretty epic. why is shen bleeding, though? and aww, flower girl! <3

oh shit. i almost died when zhao was controlled – so much pain! and then that epic team-up. of course shen recognized it better than hong. and zhao’s little wink! i can’t. i seriously can’t.
and then at the end, the little shit, playing shen, so he’d reveal himself – but that’s what he gets for doing envoy-stuff in plain clothes all over the place. he really should just wear the mask whenever there’s danger.

Episode 14

oooh, this is a big one! zhao knows now, they’re sharing the secret. but of course it’s not that easy, isn’t it, with the bce bound to enforce the laws. luckily shen is soft around zhao. but what growth from zhao, to pity the little girl despite her deeds.
of course he immediately cottons on to shen’s “we have always been friends.” and then they have sex, right? “you have cheated me for so long, my heart hurts. you can’t send me away with just an apology.”

the next morning, zhao can’t stop singing, omg. and the whole thing at the ministry, with shen having written a report in perfect calligraphy for him. and then of course the bomb of zhao’s dad, obviously a sore topic. 🙁
then, more cheerfully, he takes shen as his date to dinner. and chu and guo practice – and flirt. g
btw, despite the elaborate lab set-up, i simply cannot buy the science thing. it’s all magic and monsters to me, sorry, chinese censors!

aww, little guo! but i can’t help but wonder – is “uncle” here just a different word for “sugar daddy”… because i got some vibes there! lol
and how cute is damn cat with the kittens?
in other news, zhao and shen continue their date. zhao officially introduces shen to the “family” (with hong being jealous as always, bc obviously she has great gaydar) before going home… together. 😉

Episode 15

seeing them team up is amazing, to say the least! also a huge sucker for the bce bleeding into shen’s behavior, it’s giving me goosebumps – and zhao, too. he’s not shy about it either.
love seeing them in dixing. that inspector is zhao’s dad, though, right?

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