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Today is Friday, which currently means catching up with The Good Place (season finale, though), Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Star Trek: Discovery. But first, a link to a fascinating fairy tale:

The Girl Who Was a Boy | The Public Medievalist

A gender-affirming fairy tale. Originally a Romanian folktale translated and adapted into French as “Jouvencelle/Jouvenceau” by Jules Brun, translated and adapted into English as “The Girl Who Pretended to Be a Boy” by Leonora Blanche Alleyne, gently adapted into the 21st century by Paul B. Sturtevant. Find out more about it in our article, “A Transgender Fairy Tale”. Once upon a time there lived an emperor who was …

This adaptation is awesome! The article about the original version is also very interesting.

Of course I haven’t gone entirely without my Guardian fix during the day, mostly in the form of meta like this. Also, I started on these highly amusing episode chats. (What can I say, work was slow. *g*)

I also got a bunch of absolutely lovely feedback for my first ficlet, which was really, really nice. And then there’s this:

Now on to my episode reactions, under a spoiler cut:

Star Trek: Discovery (2×02)

I really loved this episode. It had a great TOS feel to it, with the society plucked from Earth history and the away team. Luckily no red shirt got killed, and Tilly got to save the day. All good in my book! (Except the Spock-in-the-mental-hospital thing, because whyyy?)

The Good Place (3×13)

Eleanor as the architect is awesome, as is the reappearance of Simone – but gah, I hate that they once again pulled the rug out from under Eleanor and Chidi! That best-of of their relationship made me honestly cry, and Eleanor’s pain hit me in the feels. She’s come so far! But then, I guess that’s why I love this show so much – and why I will be here, impatiently waiting for season 4!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 6×03

After last week’s cringyness (Hitchcock and Scully are the least funny thing about the show), this was a relief. Rosa and Amy were my favourite parts, with Amy in her element at the school and Rosa being, well, Rosa (I just love them both so much, don’t make me choose).

Is Gina really quitting, though? 🙁 I always love her friendship with Jake, and this ep was sweet on that front.

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