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Because apparently #guardian isn’t enough, I’ve been checking out a few other movies & tv shows while doing other stuff today (sth I can’t with Guardian)…
I didn’t get far into the “A Discovery of Witches” book for some reason (although it’s technically still on my “currently reading” list), but the tv show has a few things going for it – like Alex Kingston (River Song! as a lesbian witch!) and Matthew Goode. 🙂

Okay, time for some more Guardian… Extensive liveblog of episodes 16-17 under the spoiler cut:

Episode 16

BCE’s unimpressed look when they don’t want to let ZYL into the palace – gold! And YAY for Zhao kicking ass and being all smart. <3 So “Lord Guardian” is his official Dixing title, huh?
Zhao’s dad is very no-nonsense, as expected. (I’m a little spoiled about him, so the gun reacting in the lab didn’t surprise me.) Interesting to hear that apparently Damn Cat has forgotten cat language in the past 10 years.
(Btw, good subs for this ep so far.)

Some team observations:
Shen’s “suggestion” to Sister Hong still has effect – I do appreciate continuity. 🙂
Brother Cho looks intensely uncomfortable with that woman’s emotions. I love him, seriously.
Damn Cat is forgetting more all the time – interesting. I do hope we’ll get to the bottom of this!

And oh boy, the first appearance of the Big Bad, if I’m not mistaken. Whispering, whispering… Lying liar, of course Zhao knows his heart, and it belongs to Shen. 🙂
Hm, so BCE isn’t universally beloved downunder. I bet they’d still be afraid, though. (As they should be, if they harm Zhao. *g*)
Aww, ghost boy… He is adorable. Also, the noticing kind.
And good last minute rescue for Zhao – saving people does pay off!

So dad!Zhao is making trouble. I appreciate Hong coming to ZYL’s defense. And Little Guo actually standing up to Brother Chu (who’s impressed) – and to strange demon!dad. He really is fundamentally good. <3
Serious unrest in Dixing – not that I think they can get one over Zhao or Shen!
And lastly, a glimpse at the emo!villain. Seriously, worst costume.

Episode 17

Someone explain to me why Shen was looking for Zhao in plain clothes? Seriously. Everyone gets much more chatty once he’s back in BCE regalia…
And of course Zhu Jiu leaves the Dixing to fend for himself. (Btw, he looks better without the purple wig.) Dad Zhao sure doesn’t share his son’s qualms about shooting that gun.
And once again Shen’s in professor garb, although the thugs obviously know him. Not that I don’t appreciate the sight – it does things to me. lol

I like that we get more of Dixing and of Zhu Jiu’s motivations.
Oh boy, that “psychic”… in such deep shit! I was actually surprised Shen took the time to even glance at that burning book.
Zhao’s surprise that he’s not dead. And that Shen isn’t there.
The glimpses we get of his mother and her death. Shit. No wonder his relationship with his father is… strained.
But aww, he takes Shen with him to his mother’s grave. <3 And Shen, the liar, pretending it’s just a job.

Ugh, I hate the Regent. And something’s wrong with the King for sure.
Okay, Zhao with books. Does things to me (even if he folds the Kunlun booklet, the heathen!). g And an impressive exit via fire pole! lol
Ha, of course Shen would choose SID/Zhao over his uni job. And ahaha, Chu/Guo is canon! Protective!Chu is my jam! 🙂
In other news, I will never understand the pacing of this show, seriously.

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