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Only managed to watch one episode of Guardian today, because I came home late, but this show just continues giving me so much joy! This ep in particular was rather good for the secondary ship of Brother Chu and Little Guo, who got some very nice moments.

Also watched the first episode of last year’s The First, because I love near-future space exploration. But it was canceled, so I’m not sure if I’ll continue, since series 1 ends before they even get to Mars. Also, not the biggest Sean Penn fan.

If you’re into Mars stuff, I can recommend the National Geographic Mars series – half present-day documentary, half drama about Mars colonization. I think at least the first season is on Netflix.

But on to my Masto livesquee about episode 18 of Guardian…

Oooh, Chu fighting… I might have cheered just a little. What can I say, I have a competence kink. 😉
That little exchange in Zhao’s office – how are they even real? I get hearteyes whenever they share a screen!

But yeah, this episode is very strong with the Chu/Guo. I just love the way Chu looks at Guo, with that helpless fondness. <3
Not too different from Shen’s half-smile when it comes to Zhao being a big old softie. 🙂

What is it with Shen continually revealing himself to Dixing these days? Seriously. I mean, I appreciate bamf!professor, but he is rather more effective as bce…
OMG, synchronized walking and fighting! fans self
Zhu Jiu is still suffering – good!
Zhao and Shen squabbling like an old married couple gives me joy. Lucky Lin Jing didn’t get his earpiece in earlier, though.
Heh, Guo’s so please and Chu’s so proud.
And Shen’s getting softer under Zhao’s influence, aw!

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