RL update

Tomorrow’s the surgery. It’s at 1pm, which sucks because it means that my last chance to eat a little something is before 6am. Fun!

The pre-op jitters have started to set in – it’s not that I think something will go wrong, the small surgery I had last year helped alleviate concerns about full anesthesia, and a hysterectomy is one of the most common procedures. But still, it’ll be all out of my control, and I hated waking up still groggy, barely able to keep my eyes open. (Yes, I’m a control freak, what gave me away? *g*)

I’m trying to keep my mind off things by packing, filling an external hard drive with tv shows (all of Guardian, for one – it’ll be perfect to watch something with subs because I can’t do anything else) and watching New Amsterdam with the radiant Freema Agyeman. Still, it’ll probably be a looong night – and I’ll probably spam Masto a little tomorrow morning, while I wait around at the hospital. (I have to be there at 10am.)

I apologize in advance, but I asked my mom not to come until afterwards. I’m more of a “pass the time by reading” kinda girl – it’d be probably not be fun to have to make small talk for a couple of hours.


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