Guess who’s back home?

Got released from hospital this morning. My mom came, and we took a taxi home before going to the pharmacy and grocery shopping. By which I mean, I made my 79-year-old mother carry my shit. 🙂

Right now she’s cooking for me – her pancakes, which might just be my favourite food in the whole world (sorry, sister-in-law, hers are are better *g*). I’m feeling very pampered, but she insisted, and I guess I’ll be on my own soon enough…

Expect more chatter from me now that I’m in my own four walls again. I’m really not in a lot of pain, and the doc said I should take it easy this weekend, but starting next week I should “listen to my body” when it comes to going for walks/carrying stuff/etc. – within reason, of course. I’m off work for another month, with the possibility to extend.

Can’t really imagine it’ll be necessary, I’m doing so well, but I guess only time will tell.


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