Quiet day, more BL – and a drabble

This morning, I walked into the city centre to run a couple of errands – I’ll try and get outside for at least a while every day, even if I have to take it easy.

Back home (after a break to recuperate), I was finally able to hang the curtains I bought to keep the cold drafts away from my back – the drawback of living in in a 100+ years old house. Did it in two chunks, but overall I mastered the ladder (my ceilings are 3m high), and I really think it’s making a difference. \0/

Other than that, I took it easy. I still don’t feel up to the amount of feels Guardian never fails to evoke, so I sought out some more Asian BL… and struck gold a couple of times:

  • HIStory 2 – Crossing the Line: a Taiwanese 8-part mini-series about two highschool volleyball players falling in love (with a side-pairing of stepbrothers-in-love) featuring an utterly adorable cast. Apparently this year there’ll be a sequel movie, so YAY! (Also, I couldn’t help but giggle because it felt a bit like watching a Haikyuu!! fanfic – at least, from what I learned in my last podcast episode… *g*)
  • HIStory 2 – Right or Wrong: another 8 episode-arc of this Taiwanese webseries, once again reminding me of fanfiction in many aspects – this one is student-professor kidfic. Not normally what I’d read, but it works pretty well – even the kid (the professor’s a single dad) is adorable.

After these two successes I checked out the other arcs of HIStory seasons 1+2, but they honestly all have really bad reviews or seem to contain things that make me nope out (like in the Chinese BL Addicted, all too often the relationships are unhealthily obsessive).

So instead I went looking for movies with happy endings, which is still surprisingly hard – but I think I found a new one for my collection:

  • Ai no kotodama (Words of Devotion): Unusually, this Japanese BL movie focuses on one established couple and their struggle to stay together when jealousy arises. This isn’t helped by the fact that they live semi-closeted – and much to my surprise, while I’m normally drawn to getting-together stories, in this case, I totally fell in love with this couple and would actually love a sequel more than a prequel. (There is an Ai no kotodama 2, but from the imdb summary it seems unrelated.)

But I did sit down and write a little bit of backstory for them anyway *g*: The Start of Devotion (250 words, rated G)

This seems to be the only fic for this movie on AO3, and I found only one other story on FF.net, which seems a crying shame!

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