Finally, more Guardian – and some webby stuff

First of all, I decided to use my free time to finally move my recs blog from Tumblr – I’d moved there after Delicious, but ever since the tag cloud script broke last year, it’s become impossible to navigate. So my recs collection (started in 2015) is hosted on – but you can still follow it all over the place: Tumblr | Twitter | RSS (including a Dreamwidth feed) | ActivityPub (as

Talking ActivityPub – I’d been quite frustrated that it wouldn’t work for my hub here. Today I finally figured out that it was because the WP install was in a subfolder instead of on its own domain. So I moved to, and now you can find me in the Fediverse as

And last but not least: Today, I finally watched another episode of Guardian – I still can’t handle it in large doses, I’m waaaay too emotionally invested, the feels are killing me. So naturally I liveblogged episode 20:

“The power’s cut,” he says, with all the lights and computer screens on in the background… 🙂 But aww, I’m really into Chu basically cradling Guo, and then pretending he wasn’t relieved that he’d only passed out. What do you bet he then carried him home? Cuteness!

“There’s a well-behaved Professor Shen assisting him, there should be no trouble.” Yeah right.
I am very curious to learn more about dad!Zhao’s weird symbiosis thing, though.

And aww, team dinner! It’s utterly fascinating to watch all the little interactions, both between our boys and in the background. Shen Wei teasing Zhao Yunlan is the most adorable thing, though!

*Of course* Ye Zun is picking on Zhao Yunlan… Just tell When Wei, please! Secrets are never good.

And now, Shen Wei talking about Sister Hong’s crush on Zhao Yunlan. Nice of him to state clearly that it’s not reciprocated. What a bs about not being able to feel love, though, what with your bae right next to you… <3

Guo really is the most adorable little puppy with the bestest heart. Chu, on the other hand… 🙂 And of course Guo took off the hand-cuffs for the bathroom break.

Zhao Yunlan has the dreams, I know, but wouldn’t it make more sense/be faster for Shen Wei to zap himself back? But of course that would be less thrilling than seeing him run. Luckily we’ve got cell phones – which all too often gets forgotten on tv shows. Nice that they remembered here.

Did no one think to search the prisoner? *facepalm*
Bye bye Zhu Jiu, emo!villain… and welcome, Ye Zun, Big Bad!

Did they really just walk with the Hallows to a meeting with the enemy?

Ye Zun really is very dramatic! And Zhao Yunlan can’t stop touching that Dial, huh? That’s going to bite him in the ass sometime, I’m sure, even if it saves the day.

YES, Shen Wei, your bae needs you, off to the rescue!

Oh, Zhao Yunlan, so brave, so willing to fight for his people… and knowing Shen Wei will come for him. <3

Excuse me while I squeal. HAND-HOLDING!!! So much worrying and hand-holding!

Shen Wei, you better tell him as soon as he’s better. Seriously. No fucking secrets. (She says without much hope.)

And oooh, I’d almost forgotten about the blindness thing. For once an episode actually stops in a place that make sense. My heart!

Okay, so. Episode 20 happened. And I’m dead. This show really takes it out of me – too many feels!


2 thoughts on “Finally, more Guardian – and some webby stuff

  1. “The power’s cut,” he says, with all the lights and computer screens on in the background…

    Haha. I took that line to mean he’s realizing that the power had been cut, at some point in the night, and while it’s back the Cold Room Seal of Death hadn’t restarted.

    But yeah. The timeframes in some of these eps are… awkward, lol. o_O

    And of course Guo took off the hand-cuffs for the bathroom break.

    This was the episode when Guo went from “adorable loser” to “… you almost got everyone killed twice in two episodes! C’mon, man!”

    1. Aaaah, okay, yeah, that makes more sense. 🙂

      Guo definitely is rather dense. I treat him like he’s a puppy that hasn’t been house-broken. Chu really should get on that! lol

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