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Didn’t do too much today, except laundry and this very important gif for sinning of Guardian‘s delectable Zhu Yilong, which leaves me speechless:

Zhu Yilong with a lollipop, taking off his jacket
Source: Youtube

I also liveblogged episode 21 of Guardian and then proceeded to watch Thai BL series Love by Chance:

Guardian – Episode 21 (the one where Zhao Yunlan is blind):

When Zhao Yunlan slurps down the noodles – both Shen Wei and Sister Hong are looking at him, like “I can’t believe I’m attracted to him.” (Yes, I know, it’s actually about his blindness, but I couldn’t help it. *g*)

I appreciate the blindness, if only for the fact that Shen Wei is now leading him by the arm everywhere. So much lovely togetherness! And Shen Wei’s worried face… <3

OMG, Guo brought Chu to his uncle’s – is it Meet the Parents time already?! <3

Ooooh, history time! Kunlun mention! And will we ever find out why Damn Cat doesn’t remember?
(Of course Shen Wei hasn’t mentioned his Kunlun before… he’s made of secrets, that one. Which in this case is fair enough.)

Aww, Shen Wei is so distracted, worrying for his bae!

Sorry, but I don’t care about Lin Jing being lonely – even if I could tell at first sight that the girl was a raven… Subtle, this show is not.

Zhao Yunlan putting up a front before his father. Definitely not gonna let him tell him who to date – I mean, be friends with. πŸ™‚ “He’s good to me” – awww!
But I’m guessing no one knows about his dad’s other side, except *maybe* Shen Wei.

Oooh, visions! And even more interesting: handgrabbing!

Sister Hong’s crush would be annoying on any other show, but here it serves as a nice motivator – and somehow manages to make the show even gayer, since it so clearly equates Shen Wei with her.

Oh, Shen Wei, you really shouldn’t lie to your bae. Especially not so obviously, it’s only gonna make him suspicious.

And more hand-holding. Have I mentioned that I love this blindness arc? πŸ™‚

Aww, Do Qing, you poor thing!

And yay, the boyfriend impressed the in-laws… Guo is so relieved. πŸ™‚

Hong, so tricksy! And in so much trouble.

Yay, flower lady, I like her! Calling Zhao Yunlan a hunk. She’s not wrong. πŸ™‚

And shit, I love it when Shen Wei does BCE stuff in civilian garb… Apparently, so does Zhao Yunlan, even blind – calling him XIAO WEI, omg, kill me now. *melts*

The ghost couple is cute. I can’t help but wonder if that happy moment isn’t a sign that things are gonna get bad for them… (I’m kinda spoiled.)

Heh. Zhi Hong spilled the beans. And Zhao Yunlan gets jealous over Brother Chu’s loyalty to BCE. I like it, though.

Yes, fake-doctor, Shen Wei is absolutely trying to steal your techniques.

And once again the episode ends in a weirdly abrupt way, practically mid-sentence.

Love By Chance (13 episodes):

BL of the day: Thai series Love by Chance. The main couple is utterly adorable and hitting all my buttons (protectiveness! lingering touches! cuteness overload! actual fricking communication!).
However, from AO3 I see that the secondary ship is more popular, which just goes to show that I’m not the typical audience – mean vs. childish just doesn’t do it for me. I guess it all comes down to the age-old divide between friends-to-lovers and enemies-to-lovers. πŸ™‚

The secondary ship (Tin/Can – what is it with names on these Thai shows?) still does nothing for me, but one of them just had a hissy fit about their first kiss, all “these lips are just for big-boobed girls!”, while sitting under a gigantic James Dean poster in his room. Made me chuckle.
Ae/Pete, on the other hand, continues to be refreshingly adorable – and for once their getting together wasn’t drawn out. (Mainly because Ae is so straightforward, even when it comes to his emotions.)

Unfortunately Tin/Can becomes more of the focus in the second half of the season. And I’m totally ignoring the rapey/creepy tertiary pairings. (Except for the one het ship, which can stay. *g*) At least even as an established couple Ae/Pete continue to be lovely and make sticking this out worth my while.
General pet peeve of mine: why do most tv writers struggle so much writing established couples? It’s like they think a relationship can only be interesting if there’s cheating etc.

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