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Under the cut, you’ll find my random observations for Shadowhunters 3×11 (3b is gonna kill me, I can tell) and Guardian ep 22 (SO much goodness!), as originally posted on my Masto. Also, I added a couple of visual aids. 🙂

Shadowhunters 3×11

Actual Shadowhunting, YAY! And Alec saving Jace’s ass – not quite the parabatai fighting scene I’d been hoping for, but I’ll take it.
Simon’s grief… So glad Maia is there for him – these two work really too well for a non-endgame couple.
And HAI THAR, new!Jonathan… I’ll miss Will Tudor, but I’m totally willing to give Luke Baines a shot.

Aww, Magnus trying to get used to life without magic while keeping up a facade – that has the potential to break my heart. I foresee a lot of domestic!Malec… I just hope Alec will still get to be part of the main plot with Clary. (Don’t mind me, I’m bitter.)
Yay Izzy, always standing up for what’s right! Finally, the Clave’s horribleness is getting investigated.
Aww, Lightwood family feels! Dom really does tortured so well…

Oh, poor Magnus. And now Alec is getting protective, which Magnus of course can’t stand…
Aaaand, parabatai scene, YAY! I love HoI Alec, talking sense to Jace. And then this, all matter-of-fact: “If I lost you, I’d be lost, too.” And cheek touching!
Excuse me while I die here (and rewatch this scene a few dozen times). #jalec

Alec touching Jace's cheeks (3x11)

“You weren’t here.” OMG, Izzy, what the hell, Maia was gone for exactly 3 days or so, dealing with serious shit. I know the show needs to push the endgame ship, but that was uncalled for.
At least so far the show seems to spare us more Morgencesty vibes with Clary and Jonathan. Hope it’ll stay that way.
Oooh, Magnus fighting without magic – me likey! But shit, now we’ve got a hostage situation…

Sorry, Clary, I think your brother is full of shit.
Heh. Luke in full detective mode. That’s one impressive wall… He seems unhealthily manic, but at least for once the show allows for family love as motivator, not just romantic love.
Oh, I love the Magnus flashback!
And aww, Raphael. I know he fucked up, but I can’t help but like my asexual son.

How gullible can you be, Iris? Nice Lightwood teamwork!
Ha! If the Clave didn’t think Clary was dead, they wouldn’t be so quick to pardon her, I’m sure. It’s all politics to them… And yeah, right, no torture.

Oh shit, so that’s how that rune works, huh?

Pretty good episode, lots of things set into motion – this last season doesn’t hold back, it’ll put me through the wringer!

Rewatching the #jalec scene actually makes it weaker. They go from Alec being HoI (benching Jace, which is fair) to him dismissing Jace’s guilt and then adding to it (“I’d be lost, too.”) with little nuance. The scene could absolutely have worked if they’d taken more time, maybe combined it with the Jace/Izzy scene.

Guardian ep. 22

Oh fuck. deep breath Shen Wei kneeling down. My heart can’t take it.

Shen Wei in the rain, half smiling (episode 22)

And the smile they exchange when Zhao Yunlan can see again. I’m living for this.

Zhao Yunlan and Shen Wei smiling blindingly at each other after ZYL gets his sight back.

Aww, of course Zhao Yunlan is giving his eyesight back. He’s so good it hurts! And the anguish on Shen Wei’s face…

Ooooh, Damn Cat flashback with Ye Zun! Except of course he doesn’t know it’s him.

AND there’s that awesome scene with the longevity dial. Shen Wei sacrificing his lifeforce, no hesitation.

Zhao Yunlan and Shen Wei holding the Longevity Dial

Oh, fuck of Zhao Yunlan, that was cruel! Shen Wei should slap you, except he’s too damn relieved… That smile, omg. *melts*

And now they’re eating together, and Shen Wei isn’t wearing his glasses. I love this episode. So much.

Ahahaha, how the hell did Zhao Yunlan manage to get the bar owner to massage him? And the way Shen Wei smiles when he sees it… 🙂

The way the Regent laughs, I’m not worried about this king changing ceremony at all. lol

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