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Watching episode 24, I realized I totally forgot to post my liveblogging of episode 23, so here’s a two-in-one deal… 🙂

I’m always interested in learning more about Dixing. Strange way to find a king, for sure…

Shen Wei promising to protect Zhao Yunlan’s heart… That’s the quality content I’m here for!

OMG, Da Qing made Shen Wei pinky swear!

What did Zhao Yunlan just whisper into Shen Wei’s ear? I need to know!

I so dig it when Shen Wei and Zhao Yunlan exchange these glances. They’re 100% on the same wavelength, and I love it!

Badass Shen Wei! Nice blade work…

Shit, being King sure sucks! Dixing as a whole could definitely use some reforming. I actually feel really sad for An Bai. As does Shen Wei, obviously, the big softie!

Is this really the first time Shen Wei is confronted with the reality of the society he helped set up?

Ye Zun as a messianic figure – interesting. Or maybe rather one like Lucifer the Lightbringer.

But back to important matters: So Shen Wei has been looking after Zhao Yunlan every night since he went blind, huh? 😉
Pity the domestic bliss is spoiled by whatever’s wrong with Shen Wei now…

Oops, caught in the act. Not looking so great, Shen Wei…
Goosebumps! Now they’re really bound together.

The way he smiles at Zhao Yunlan, and ZYL’s anger. This scene is *everything*.

Xiao Guo at the graveyard: Interesting, so modern Chinese culture doesn’t allow for souls? And why do the graves also have English inscriptions? The one of Suxia Bai even mentions God – are they Christians?

Uh. Oh. Mommy and daddy are fighting. The way Zhao Yunlan stares at Shen Wei… But Shen Wei follows him anyway, of course.

And the episode ends literally mid-sentence. What the hell?

Episode 24

Aww, I hate it that they’re at odds, it hurts to see!

Aww, I hate it that they’re at odds, it hurts to see!
On the other hand, Chu and Guo are so cute.
Still not interested in Lin Jing and his crush on raven lady #2… although him accidentally calling Da Qing in cat form his boss was funny.
In the doctor’s office, I love Zhao Yunlan going into detective mode. He’s got such a sharp mind behind his easygoing facade. Even if he lets doctor lady drug him…

Huh. What the heck is the thing on Zhao Yunlan’s wrist?
Oh, an explosive. Of course. The boy doesn’t fuck around…
Zhao Yunlan is definitely getting under his skin, though.
The nicknames for the team are funny, and I like that they’re enemy boss 4 and the way ZYL goes after them with the feather duster. 🙂
Other than that this episode is kinda blah, since we know for sure that ZYL isn’t going to die.

The whole episode is being carried by Bai Yu’s acting. I love him and Zhao Yunlan so much.

Once again Shen Wei shows up late with Starbucks. 🙂
But aww, they’re back on the same team, and ZYL is having none of SW’s self-sacrifice!
The apology, their smiles… Okay, this scene makes the episode worth it.

Okay, that scene in the cab was pretty spooky.

Aww, the two of them in the hospital. First ZYL nudging SW, then SW pushing him forward – and they go home together.

What does the chart the doctor looks at say? The music was so ominous.

And this show really doesn’t know when to end an episode. Did they just randomly cut the whole thing into bits?

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