The three most beautiful days

That’s what we call Fasnacht, our carnival in Basel, which is happening right now – actually it’s ending tomorrow morning at 6am, having started Monday 4am. (Yes, we’re a week later than most, already officially in Lent – my theory is that they chose the date to thumb their noses at their Catholic neighbours, post-Reformation. Basel is special like that. *g*)

I missed most of it this year, only going to the children’s parade on Tuesday with my brother and his family (omg, my nephews were so fricking adorable!) and having a wander through town today, taking a look at some of the lanterns and floats. I did, however, have the mandatory foods: onion quiche and flour soup, yum!

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I also booked the trains for the Shadowhunters con in Brussels in June. As an extra awesome perk, because traveling via Paris is fastest, I’ll leave a day early and spend the night with one of my Jalec gals. We’ll then travel to Brussels together. Yay for time in beautiful Paris!

In other news, I watched two more episodes of Guardian (eps 28/29), which means more liveblogs! 🙂

Episode 28

Are Sha Ya and flower girl ex-girlfriends or sisters?
If she’s banished, maybe Lin Jing could get conjugal visits to Dixing… 🙂

Good eyes, Zhao Yunlan!

Okay, a boy gave Sha Ya the earrings. I will now headcanon them in a poly triad. *nods*

Why do people keep listening to a talking, glowing column? Shouldn’t the fact that it’s chained up tell them that it might not be on the up and up?

Have we seen Shen Wei speeding like that before? Usually he teleports.

Listen to your friend, Sha Ya… but of course she doesn’t. And of course the gun man was Zhao the elder.

Why are all the bad guys on this show such emo drama queens?

The worry on Shen Wei’s face when ZYL has the vision. And the way he catches him… Such a supportive boyfriend!

(Incidentally, I will never be able to pronounce “Zhao Yunlan” like Zhu Yilong does – so fast!)

Nonono, Zhao Yunlan, stop touching the Hallows! Seriously. And all alone.
I’d be frustrated too, if I were Shen Wei. But he still covers his hand so gently. <3

Heh. Do people really not know anymore how to use a phone box?

I have no idea what the riddle solution means, oh well.

Oh boy, Shen Wei is seriously weakened already. Those crow boys should have been child’s play. 🙁

Episode 29

Good team work figuring out the code – who knew Shen Wei knew so much about phones! 🙂

Merit Brush dude sure changed a lot.

Did they really just stand next to the car until it got dark? The actor of Minister Gao must have had fun, getting a piggy-back ride. *g*

Aww, baby!ZYL! And wow, his dad was such an asshole, even if his advice was right.

Merit Brush guy and his wife are really kinda cute.

Interesting how everyone notices Zhao Xinci’s 2 personalities. Except ZYL.

How is the boys brawling at the fruit stand the fault of the SID?

Ah, okay, not the SID, just bad timing. Seriously, *such* an overreaction, it makes no sense that he’d go on a revenge spree for that.

But wow, harsh, dad, even if ZYL sees through it. Shen Wei looks so worried, though.

The big revelation – obviously, blood types work differently in Haxing, if they don’t have universal donors. *facepalm*

I love the way Chu forever touches Guo’s head, and the fondness when he looks at him… Aww!

Shen Wei felt that before the others. Uh oh. Ye Zun’s definitely coming.
Nice of Ya Qing to give us some exposition. 🙂

I very much approve Shen Wei grabbing ZYL. Oh, the way they look at each other – both needing the other to stay alive. <3

How does the ep not end with Ye Zun. I’ll never understand the pacing of this show.

But of course Sha Ya had it wrong the whole time.

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