Lazy weekend

I, umm, didn’t leave my house this weekend. Oops? 🙂 I did, however, do lots of inside stuff:

  • set up my “new” phone (my Sony’s been crapping out on me, although it’s barely 2 years old, so I bought a refurbished Samsung). They always say how easy it’s supposed to be, but in the end I updated stuff for most of the day.
  • signed up for the Guardian Reverse Exchange.
  • did some exercises the trainer at my gym showed me on Friday. After such a long break I’m seriously out of shape, it’s very frustrating, so I’ll try to do them at home, too.
  • edited and posted the next Shipping (Pod)Cast episode to Patreon: Connor Murphy x Evan Hansen (Dear Evan Hansen) with Nich (public release April 5).
  • recorded the episode after that, giving me a well-appreciated buffer before the next deadline.

I also watched the next episode of my current Boys Love addiction – He’s Coming to Me is cute, warm-hearted, and hitting ALL the emotional beats. Although we’re only 4 subbed episodes in, I’ve already added it to my recs list (which I’ve been updating, btw). Met and Thun are totally adorable and have such sweet chemistry, plus I’m actually invested in the plot: Met is a ghost, and Thun is the only person who can see him. So they a) can’t touch, for extra feels, and b) have to figure out how Met died. And above all of this reincarnation looms… Usually I’d worry about a tragic ending, but the whole show has such a positive spirit overall, I think it’ll be hopeful in some way, even if I can’t see how. Well, only four more episodes, apparently…

Oh, and I finally watched episode 30 of Guardian – things are definitely coming to a head!

Aww, Shen Wei giving Sha Ya time… and the ring. He’s so soft here. <3

Is the the ep where we find out what’s going on with Lin Jing?

Oh look, Ye Zun is using Fake News. But does Raven Lady really think the Yashou will end up on top?

Sneaky, Zhao Yunlan, sneaky. And look Lin Jing is working for the professor. Who’s obviously losing it. And Lin Jing is about to be fired. The look of betrayal on Zhao Yunlan’s face.. But I do like that they keep showing how smart he is.

“Who makes the popcorn?” Oh, Damn Cat… never change! <3

Oh, it must hurt Zhao Yunlan so to have his entire team disagree with his decision. Unlike Zhu Hong, however, I think Shen Wei would have his back. The Envoy knows about hard choices.

Jeez, the Justiciar is such a fucking snake.

Oh, Shen Wei. 🙁 That whole scene hurt me.

With Lin Jing and Li Qiang there are two people sympathetic to the SID in the lab, so that’s good at least.

Traaap!! That’s all I can think.

Have we reached the Shen Wei-at-the -pillar part of the show?

Oh yes, we have.

When he asks Ye Zun to kill him, is he already aware that he’ll practically be a bomb? (Yes, I’m spoiled.)

Oh boy, things aren’t going much better in Haixing.

And look, Raven Lady is also a hacker. So she expects people to go on a witch hunt for Dixingren? And I guess the ministry will think it was Zhao Yunlan.

Aww, Flower girl. And you go, Zhu Hong!

Look, Chu’s the one to start worrying about Shen Wei. I do enjoy their relationship so very much.

Aww, is Zhao Yunlan sending incense telegrams to Shen Wei? The way he sits there… like he’s incomplete without Shen Wei by his side.

His dad, though. “Tidier than I expected.” Well yes, because Shen Wei has been tidying. 🙂

And yes, finally an episode that ends in a place that makes actual sense, with Zhao Yunlan once again proving that he’s not easily fooled.

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