Reminders ep. 1 liveblog

Just some thoughts I had now that there are actual subs to help me follow the storyline properly:

  • Did I see that right – Perth’s football jersey at the start really says Perth? That’s just taking this whole name thing to the next level and is making me vaguely uncomfortable. Couldn’t they have given the Love by Chance boys new names instead of making this weird quasi-RPF?
  • Still not a fan of the pink hair.
  • Very much a fan of Saint’s (pardon me, Son’s) entrance.
  • Ha! Son & Pin as switches is confirmed. (They both call themselves husbands and neither one protests.) This pleases me way too much, since I’m not really a fan of the whole wife/husband thing in BL.
  • Whee, Noh!!! What is this “like” that he has to make, though? Not sure about the hair, but very sure that I squeed when Phun rolled down the car window. They’re so precious together!
  • Fakest car accident ever. I do enjoy Noh and Wish clashing with the other three being the responsible grown-ups.
  • Why is Phun flirting with that doctor and being all coy and shit? Love the bonding of the short guys, though! *g*
  • Son & Pin are growing on me with every interaction. They’re not Ae x Pete, but they have a lovely dynamic going on without the extreme juxtaposition of rough and soft of their LBC characters.
  • That tiger thing, though. *cringes* And are they really going to get a boring misunderstandings-and-jealousy storyline with Son secretly practicing a song for Pin? That was so boring on Mork & Tee’s Our Skyy episode, too.
  • Be that as it may, Noh still makes the best faces.
  • Why are they all obsessed with grilled pork?
  • Bathroom humour. Wouldn’t be a Thai show without it.
  • Will I care more about Wish and Two than I did about TinCan? (And yes, I know I’m in the minority here, LBC’s always been about AePete for me.) So far very much not, I much preferred Tin to Two, but I assume each couple with get the spotlight in one ep. (Noh’s reaction, though. The best.)
  • During all of LBC I wanted Pete to be a bit more active (and loved every little glimpse of it we got), so I’m living for this scene of Son practically climbing all over Pin. And once again the switching is confirmed. 😉
  • Next episode: more Phun x Noh – yay!! More misunderstandings between Son x Pin – *yawn*. More whatever Two x Wish is supposed to be – meh.

In summary: This show is definitely not going to go into my top 5 or anything, but I’ll probably rewatch it quite a bit anyway, just because it gives us more glimpses of two of my favourite couples (well, kinda). Upside: the more I rewatch, the less I cringe.

Also, all these Thai boys sure look good in their white (unbuttoned) shirts and black slacks. *g*

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