For the record: I’m alive

My schedule’s just been rather full for my introvert standards, what with cons (SEBASTIAN STAN!), the wedding of my oldest friend and other mostly good things (except for my laptop almost dying on me). It’s put me in the mood to write nothing longer than Masto posts.

This includes fanfiction, with the exception of my 520 fic: 越界 (Yue Jie – Crossing a Border)

I’ve gotten so much lovely feedback on my first real Guardian fic, it’s made me feel somewhat guilty for being so behind on all the amazing new content. (The one I got was great, though – Make a Gamble, Take a Gamble by Trobadora, an exploration of episodes 23/24. *hearteyes*)

Also, I am currently rewatching the show from start with a couple of other people on watch2gether. We’re currently at ep 7. It’s usually at 8pm CET and I announce it on, in case you’re interested… 🙂

TV show rant

Rewatching He’s Coming to Me and reveling in the wonderfulness of episodes 4 and 5 (fan dee nah!, cheating the test *g*, figuring out Met’s name, the birthday date!, Thun’s struggle with his sexuality, Met’s heartbreak, the entire fucking rooftop scene, and of course the KISS!) as I try to mentally steel myself for the Shadowhunters series finale. I refuse to watch it by myself, so I’m waiting for @rebelqueenss​ so we can suffer together.

Because I’m sure we will suffer – and let’s be real, probably not in the “I can’t believe it’s ending!” way, because unfortunately I haven’t been very happy with 3b in too many ways to count. Often, when I really love a show, I never actually finish watching it, so it won’t ever be completely over – it’s why I still haven’t seen the end of season 2 of Agent Carter.

While with Shadowhunters, my love is for the potential it had (and sadly squandered way too often), for the characters I’ve come to love and of course most of all for the beauty of the parabatai relationship and my beloved OTP. So in a way I’m actually glad it’ll be over, because then we can go ahead and fix canon in whatever way we want – that’s what fanfic is for, after all.

(I’m very much hoping my inspiration will return to me, because I’ve been so disillusioned, I haven’t even wanted to write my missing parabatai scenes drabbles… Ironic, considering that the sidelining of their relationship is one of my biggest pet peeves – just like all relationships that aren’t romantic have been sidelined.