For the record: I’m alive

My schedule’s just been rather full for my introvert standards, what with cons (SEBASTIAN STAN!), the wedding of my oldest friend and other mostly good things (except for my laptop almost dying on me). It’s put me in the mood to write nothing longer than Masto posts.

This includes fanfiction, with the exception of my 520 fic: 越界 (Yue Jie – Crossing a Border)

I’ve gotten so much lovely feedback on my first real Guardian fic, it’s made me feel somewhat guilty for being so behind on all the amazing new content. (The one I got was great, though – Make a Gamble, Take a Gamble by Trobadora, an exploration of episodes 23/24. *hearteyes*)

Also, I am currently rewatching the show from start with a couple of other people on watch2gether. We’re currently at ep 7. It’s usually at 8pm CET and I announce it on, in case you’re interested… 🙂

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