A quick con report

I said I wouldn’t do one of these, but then I saw some photos and figured I’d write down just a little something about this last con. Although I’m still adjusting to a med change, I had a great time with the gals from Jalec Squad – our daytrip to Verona was gorgeous, and the con in Milan was amazing. <3

I can’t believe I’ve become the kind of fan who gets recognised, but while I didn’t have the same level of interaction as my friend Danae, there was no doubt that both Matt and Dom knew and remembered me from Brussels. (Also, Nicola, whose M&G I’d bought when it was relatively cheap because she’s an amazing lady!) Of course it helps that our squad was quite visible – and in a good way, as we try our best to leave good impressions, since there are enough crazies in this fandom already.

Anyway, here’s my quick report from the Parabatai panel:

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