A quick con report

I said I wouldn’t do one of these, but then I saw some photos and figured I’d write down just a little something about this last con. Although I’m still adjusting to a med change, I had a great time with the gals from Jalec Squad – our daytrip to Verona was gorgeous, and the con in Milan was amazing. <3

I can’t believe I’ve become the kind of fan who gets recognised, but while I didn’t have the same level of interaction as my friend Danae, there was no doubt that both Matt and Dom knew and remembered me from Brussels. (Also, Nicola, whose M&G I’d bought when it was relatively cheap because she’s an amazing lady!) Of course it helps that our squad was quite visible – and in a good way, as we try our best to leave good impressions, since there are enough crazies in this fandom already.

Anyway, here’s my quick report from the Parabatai panel:

Photo by LittleZion
Photo by LittleZion

The parabatai panel was GOLD. Sadly I missed part of it, because I had to go wait for Dom’s M&G (very unfortunate organisational timing), but I did ask the first question.

I’d promised Elena (the long-suffering translator) no more baby elephants (my joke question in Matt’s panel, following up from something another fan had asked the whole cast at THoS.Be, had prompted a typical rambly Matt answer which drove her literally to tears), so I very tamely asked what it had been like when Jace joined the Lightwoods as a traumatised kid (a question I’d wanted to ask during the Lightwood panel with Matt, Eme and Nicola). 

They said that Jace really had been very traumatised (“Maybe a 7, and the show then proceeded to get it up to a 10.″), and Matt said that Alec shooting at Jace had been therapeutic. The panel went downhill from there. 😀

In response to a question by Danae about any plans to star in a space cowboys movie together, Matt then outlined a whole 3-season tv show arc, which ended with Dom dead. Dom later retaliated by killing Matt off in a fairy tale. These two, seriously. (There were also at least two opportunities when they mentioned that Dom was NOT Matt’s wife. And once we’re pretty sure we heard him say under his breath, “Sometimes I wonder.” I’ll just leave that here, shall I? *g*)

The greatest joy, however, was simply seeing them interact. As annoying as the breaks for translation were, they did give us the chance to see them whisper and laugh. Watching how comfortable they are with each other was also amazing during their M&G – all those little touches (Matt rubbing Dom’s neck, Dom touching Matt’s knee), the casual “babe”s thrown about by both of them, the constant teasing and laughter… Their friendship really is the stuff of legend!

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