A quick con report

I said I wouldn’t do one of these, but then I saw some photos and figured I’d write down just a little something about this last con. Although I’m still adjusting to a med change, I had a great time with the gals from Jalec Squad – our daytrip to Verona was gorgeous, and the con in Milan was amazing. <3

I can’t believe I’ve become the kind of fan who gets recognised, but while I didn’t have the same level of interaction as my friend Danae, there was no doubt that both Matt and Dom knew and remembered me from Brussels. (Also, Nicola, whose M&G I’d bought when it was relatively cheap because she’s an amazing lady!) Of course it helps that our squad was quite visible – and in a good way, as we try our best to leave good impressions, since there are enough crazies in this fandom already.

Anyway, here’s my quick report from the Parabatai panel:

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Jalec gif set: I refuse to stand still

Alec is unapologetic about the fact that he’ll do anything to keep Jace by his side, and I live for it. (Codependent parabatai FTW! *g*) And Abby S is always good for inspiration… But wow, colouring this show is a nightmare. :/

I refuse to stand still 
in the face of losing you

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This takes me back…

I don’t think I expected ever to make another 100x100px icon, but here we are. 🙂 Since I’m using DW again, I had to have a few Jalec icons, no question!

Feel free to use them with credit, if you want. 😉

shadowhunters - jalec hugging in 3x08, text: safe in your arms
shadowhunters: jace & alec shirtless, text: hot damn
shadowhunters - jalec hugging in 1x05, text: yearning (black-and-white)
shadowhunters: jace & alec shirtless
shadowhunters: jace & alec parabatai ceremony, text: parabatai

The last also exists in bigger size, in case you wanted to admire Jace & Alec’s combined hotness more closely. *g*

Shadowhunters: Jace & Alec shirtless

Just… look at them, holy shit! *fans self*

More Guardian – and fic!

Not Guardian fic, though, I wouldn’t dare quite yet. 🙂

However, with the help of writingstreak.io (which is currently down for me) I’ve written at least a couple hundred words each day, enabling me to finish the next chapter of my Jalec vampire academy!AU: Prince & Guardian – Chapter 3

And then of course there’s Guardian. I’ve reached episode 12, and somehow the show just keeps getting slashier and slashier. I honestly can’t with these two!

Copying my squee for episodes 9-12 over from Masto, which originally directed at asya (SPOILER warning):

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A somewhat productive Sunday

Although this blog is far from finished, I’m rather happy with everything I’ve accomplished today. I’ve also continued my writing streak, managing another 800 words on my Jalec Vampire Academy AU.

Also planned our annual North Sea vacation in the Netherlands with one of my best friends – if possible, we’ll go back to the beach hut we were at last September.

And now I’m caving and trying out Guardian, after resisting for so long – Dreamwidth managed what Tumblr didn’t! 🙂